LiveVox Communicator Contact Centers

LiveVox Communicator products are built to boost the productivity of contact centers while reducing or completely eliminating the implementation, maintenance, installation and training costs. LiveVox Communicator smoothly integrates with existing or planned IT infrastructure and PBX, call-center software, CRM and billing solutions.


LiveVox Communicator eliminates the need of solid investments in specialized software - usually related to endless per-seat and time-limited license fees and support contracts. Avoiding the administrative overload LiveVox Communicator simply covers the features critical for the efficiency of the call center:

LiveVox Communicator ensures immediate deployment, easy management and quick mass-configuration (provisioning); has a small download size (in its desktop versions) and can be uploaded to a web server in its WEB version thus drastically reducing the deployment time and allowing instant access straight from the browser. LiveVox Communicator compact userfriendly interface is also completely customizable to make the user experience even smoother.

How to get Support in case of problems with the LiveVox Communicator

Should you encounter any technical issues with LiveVox Communicator or have any questions regarding the soft-phone, pleae refer to the manual available online. In the event that the manual does not provide a suitable response to your query, please contact your company’s support team and log a ticket.